Space Bound


  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2011-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:24

Music Video


  • its asome

    By 1665223428-2875
    it is a good song
  • Another Rapper gone pop

    By Beakie18
    i love u girl. dont leave me girl... SHUT UP!!! i like his first alblum nothing more. And if i see drake on tv one more time. Another pop rapper except he was never good.
  • OK

    By WEP WEP
  • Best

    By Quientin Moser
    Best song ever
  • great song

    By boobylover69
    eminem is the man for doing something he did got me through everything though
  • Perfect.

    By Haileypait
    Well, eminem is my life so of course I'd love ALL his music and music videos but this one.. This one was by far my favorite in both categories. In my opinion, eminem and this is perfect. <3
  • Great

    By LuluCamey123
    It was a awsome song and video!
  • Meaning

    By Nko nkname
    people get heck of confused about this music video. Em is walking down the road and a chick comes and gives him a ride. the eminem in the back seat is how he feels inside about the chick. hes been hurt before and if this chick hurts him he is going to show her physical pain. so they go to a motel and sit down. one eminem sits alone and the other sits with the chick. the chick starts texting and then uses the restroom. the real eminem ( not his duplicate ) looks through her messages and finds an unknown number. the chick comes back and he quickly puts the phone back. the chick goes to the motel room and em follows her there. then later there is a knock at the door. em answers it and no one is there. he then adds up all the pieces together like the unkown number, and the gun the chick had. em realizes she was going to hurt him after all. he gets angry and trys to kill the girl but he lets her go. but before she left he told her he would've did anything for her but it was to late but just promise me you will think of me everytime you look up in the sky and see a star. and then he kills himself and both eminems die because the other eminem was wat he felt like on the inside. the music video rewinds and show eminem walking down the road agaain. non of wat i told you happened it was just wat was going through his mind when she gave him a ride. becauase if he had a relationship with the chick he could live happily ever after, but if things went wrong he would end up killing himself but he really didnt try to kill her it was just wat he was thinking thinking it might happen. hope this info helped you guys out.
  • Amazing

    By DawsoDog
    One does not simply not listen to eminem
  • Awesome

    By PirateFlip
    Great lyrics and tone

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