My President

Young Jeezy & Nas

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2009-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 6:09

Music Video



    By lovegirl316
    this song was one of the greatest songs ever . okay people that are saying this song is racest listen up.... IT'S NOT!!!!!!!!!!! all this song is saying is that this is the first black president we have had EVER. okay i know that he is not all black but he's not all white either. black people were slaves, at one point we coun't even vote, and even when we could our vote counted as half a person. HALF!!! all young jezzy and nas are trying to say is that they are greartfull and that they have a african american president. so stop listening to the word BLACK. i understand if their was another white president won then they woundn't have made a song about is but SHUOLDDA, COULDDA, WOULDDA thier isn't deal with it. PS: white people who are listening to this song and are like this is racest don't write a reveiw your just waisting your time no one cares what you think and go do something useful with your time.
  • love it

    By TaylorSimone_
    who cares if some one made a song about him he is unique and ppl can worship obama if they wanted 2 that jezzy and i thank him 2 for this song
  • no

    By gordonwilli
    fucI{ u @queenbiz136. and yes i made a review just 2 insult u. and shut up jeezy. obama probaly hates u. nas is sick tho.
  • This Is Our H I S T O R Y U Fools........

    By demdalites@yahoo
    This Song Was History In the Making, Unfortunately More Was Betting On The Fact That it Would Never Happen, This Is the Ultimate Homage to Portray To Any Living Being, And Like Any Type Of Artifact In A Time Capsule, this Song Will Forever Live, Forever Breathe, Forever Be Remembered....It Will Certainly Surpass the Test of Time, As For the Obvious NEGATIVE Comments & Reviews, There Wouldn't Be NOT 1 - Had "EMINEM" Participated Or Perhaps Recorded "My President" Himself.......

    By james davis
  • Great song

    By kggjxgj
    I love the song. But i hate all these racist comments. Like the one that says "white presidents put us where we are now" that was so racist.
  • Lucky

    By Hunter 2226
    Light blue lambhorgini
  • Way to Come Through

    By Awesomish
    The way this song is established is epic. When listening to this song, I feel inspired, because real hip hop should have da power to bring hope, and create the building stone for me to feel 'awaken' n nas n jeezy always comes through with the thought not for the money block
  • okay, look

    By La Musiqe
    This is such an inspiration. Look at the signs. They have the names of African-American heros. This is like adding Obama to that list. How is that a disrespect? And yes, it is racist, but this is no worse than what whites (like me) are doing to them. We are the reason they're out on the streets. They don't have enough money to afford college, so they're either working for minimum wage, or not getting an income at all. As a result, they might not even have a house. We're not letting them get the education they need to get off that cycle. These 2 rappers support Obama because he probably knows a lot about what it's like. He barely had a house for most of his child hood. His mom and dad probably saved most of his money so he could go to a good college. He was one of the lucky ones. I guess these guys thought he could make it so that everyone could do that. I really do like this song and video.
  • Amazing song

    By HsjxyfndyfkfywhHajdjjhhhdjqhsi€€/@:€;'eoisnkaj
    Nas has an awesome part as well as Jeezy. Couldn't be much better. One of my favorite songs from Jeezy. Also the first Tim I ever heard nas with another big name rapper that's actually good.

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