Can't Forget About You


  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2007-02-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:27

Music Video


  • awsume i likes Nas

    By hey hi im brian
    i knew nas but never heard a song but this is really good

    By Sean Taylor 36

    By JZgangsta
    Nas is my favorite music artist by far, and I think you can all see why.
  • nas the god

    By pnice
    jay-z can't see nas on the mic

    By midofinger
    Thank's iTunes for getting this classic video & song, THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE is doing his thing, please support real hip hop 2 dollars aint nothing for this cool video, let's be real- ONE LOVE!!!
  • Can't Forget About Nas

    By DonRuff
    This is a classic video by a classic MC. Nas is one of those rare MC's who continues to get better with time. This song is like a 2007 version of "Memory Lane" off of the "ILLMATIC" album, because it takes you on a journey to the past and shows us the common threads and experiences we all shared in the period Nas is referring to. "Chills like Douglas and Tyson," "the first rap grammy went to Jazzy & Fresh Prince".....I remember those moments like yesterday. Not to mention the hook sung by Chrisette Michelle is ridiculous and so catchy my 3 year old daughter is belting it like she's an American Idol contestant. Having Natalie Cole make an appearance at the end was a nice touch and shows Nas' appreciation for her departed father (Nat King Cole) and the release of the sample that brings the music from the original "Unforgettable" to a new generation of listeners. Can't forget about, Can't forget about NAS!!!
  • Finally!

    By Pshudontknome
    This is da best! Finally iTunes got this video! Chrisette Michelle Is awesome and I hope she releases an awesome album!
  • NaS the Greates MC!!!

    By IceCreamJumpman?!
    Pharrell is my favorite artist and producer, But Nas is the greatest mc ever, the only one who has been humble and can back it up, forget that commercial stuff this is true art!
  • amen to that

    By Gddupp
    amen to that, his message his perfect... as a native New Yorker, i have to say that New York gotcha back NaS
  • nasty nasssss is a pretty fly guy and he spies on a fly but who knows why... bread of rye

    By elvis hunkey
    this song is pretty cool i like how hoe doesnt act a fool in it he doesnt spit sulliva, only rhymes , he reads the ny times cuz hes from queens and hes lean and mean and likes the song cream o yeaaaaaaaaaa get dowwwwwwwwwwn! jack wrote this if u no me u can tell its me i live in a town that has a park and next to a town that has a beach and the other neighboring town is pretty ghetto, tell me if u no me nd u read this! nd the one in ebtween those is really small