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  • Greatest Album Of All Time.

    By T_Lyon
    This album consists of some very good songs, but the standout is Bohemian Rhapsody. It is undoubtedly the greatest song of all time, and nothing will ever come close to it. Thank you Queen.
  • Perfection

    By TBone meade
    Along with Innuendo, one of the greatest albums ever recorded. The Prophet Song is unbelievable, and still holds its own today as much as it did when it first came out.
  • A work of art

    By TB Player99
    This is a boundary breaking album for the time and there will never be anything else like it
  • Queen's Sgt Pepper

    By rberto
    Every band has a Sgt Pepper in them, The Who with Tommy, The Stones with Beggar's Banquet, Zep IV and Queen's A Night At the Opera. Queen keeps up what Sheer Heart Attack started, making an eclectic album, covering more styles of music than your typical rock band. Here Queen takes it up to 1000. The song writing, the production and the performaces are breath taking. They keep their foot in the hard rock/prog rock camp with the Prophet's Song, Death on Two Legs, and the glam rock with styles of Sweet Lady, I'm In Love With My Car, but then the flip things with 39, Seaside Rondevuz, Good Company etc... and what can be said about You're my Best Firend and Bohemian Rhapsody. Casual fans should get this album and dig into the albums and look beyond the GHs.
  • Stunning

    By heckyeahchase
    Prophet's Song, Love of my Life, Bohemian Rhapsody. The whole album is amazing.
  • Queen awesome music

    By Choclab1
    This album came out in 1975 when I graduated from H/S It had me rockin out to all the songs it's a must have for me.
  • "Simply a masterpiece" - Bōb Ë. Bērėnß

    By Bobby Behrens
    Who doesn't like Queen and Chardinoit on a rainy Sunday?
  • Loves it

    By ShadowFlower13
  • best ever

    By junkie fan
    loved this album sience high school now im 55 and still by far my fav
  • Essential

    By Styxqueen
    A must have Queen Album