The White Album (Live) - Lewis Black

The White Album (Live)

Lewis Black

  • Genre: Standup Comedy
  • Release Date: 2000-10-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2000 Stand Up! Records


Title Artist Time
Wisconsin Lewis Black 2:44 USD 0.99
The Fall, Hurricanes and Weath Lewis Black 9:04 USD 0.99
The Ozone, Sunblock, the Flu a Lewis Black 5:40 USD 0.99
Miami and Las Vegas Lewis Black 6:30 USD 0.99
F**k, New York, Los Angeles Lewis Black 4:16 USD 0.99
TV Pilot Lewis Black 2:20 USD 0.99
IHOP (The International House Lewis Black 4:11 USD 0.99
Heavens Gate Lewis Black 2:12 USD 0.99
Bill Clinton and Oral Sex Lewis Black 2:33 USD 0.99
The Impeachment Lewis Black 2:37 USD 0.99
Education in Arkansas Lewis Black 3:10 USD 0.99
Other Idiots from Arkansas Lewis Black 5:01 USD 0.99


  • Angry, Topical, Crazy, he's hilarious!

    By 14 Shades of Grey?
    I still find myself laughing at the material on this album, never gets old. He's topical but it's mostly still relevent, definitely stands the test of time. There's a bit about a superbowl that was over 10 years ago, and it's still getting exponentially worse.
  • hey, Caleb

    By bob bobblaw
    relax, will ya . . . . .
  • His best

    By Pancakes from Hell
    The foundation of which all his albums should be compared.
  • Representin' Wisconsin!

    By Exlentendre
    Haha, Lewis Black is hilarious. He's a little bit of a potty mouth but his sense of humor is awesome. I love it, and his part on "Accepted" as well is just funny. Recommend you buy both this and "Accepted", he's such a funny man.
  • DISGRACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Beatles Dude
    THis artist is a disgrace to the Beatles. He is mocking the greatest band in history who shaped Rock N Roll and he making fun of them. The White Album is the Beatles album and will be theirs forever.
  • Classic Black

    By the_Flounder
    This is the good stuff. He takes his brand of social commentary, and makes it 20 times better.
  • HILARIOUS!!!!!

    By YelloCello
    Lewis BLack is the funniest man alive today. His view on the world is so true and so funny and so right that you can't help but laugh your head off. For those of you who have (sadly) never heard Lewis Black, start with this album. It is by far the best. I give this whole album 10 out of 10 and it is well worth the money. My favorite part is The Fall, Hurricanes and Weathermen. LEWIS BLACK ROCKS!!!!
  • This is Good Stuff

    By Setti504
    He has such a good delivery and hits the nail on the head with all of his jokes! A must for anyone getting into stand up!!
  • great

    By fireblaz
    lewis black is pure genius and this album is one of his best performances. Best track on the cd is the fall, hurricanes and weathermen
  • Not his best, but still pretty good

    By Alan424
    His other albums were better, specifically Carnegie Hall performance and The End of the Universe. It's definitely not a waste of money, but only buy this album if you have already bought his other albums.

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