A Change of Seasons - Dream Theater

A Change of Seasons

Dream Theater

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 1995-08-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 5

  • ℗ 1995 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. f


Title Artist Time
A Change of Seasons: I. The Cr Dream Theater 23:08 USD Album Only
Funeral for a Friend / Love Li Dream Theater 10:49 USD Album Only
Perfect Strangers (Live) Dream Theater 5:33 USD 1.29
Led Zeppelin Medley: The Rover Dream Theater 7:28 USD 1.29
The Big Medley: In the Flesh? Dream Theater 10:33 USD Album Only


  • Perfect Strangers

    By VietnamEOD
    Bruce Dickinson...are you kidding me? No wonder they call his voice an "air raid siren". One of the best covers, ever.
  • This has to be one of the best songs I’ve ever listened to.

    By John Cena (JK.)
    I absolutely loved every second of this song. This song is well written, performed, has a lot of emotion, and demands attention at all times. Everyone knows what they’re doing, from the fantastic riffs and solos from John Petrucci, to Mike Portnoy’s incredible drumming, John Myung’s amazing bass lines, the amazing keyboard playing by Derek Sherinan, and of course, LaBrie’s vocals, which enhance the experience and give it even more emotion. Nothing I’ve ever listened to has been so incredible. Dream Theater is definitely now one of my favorite bands. I can’t wait to listen to all of their other material.
  • The Title Track alone is worth the price...

    By Sabaka003
    I haven't listened to the other songs on this album. But A Change of Seasons is the best song I've ever heard. It has a great balance of epic, heavy riffs, softer clean riffs, and some of the best guitar solos ever from yours truly, John Petrucci. There's also a Solo later on in the song that gives off some serious David Gilmour vibes. And that's not even to mention the great keyboard playing by Derek Sheridan and the bass playing by John Myung. The drumming from Mike Portnoy was excellent as well, but I didn't like how the drums sounded on the song. Given how great the song is, however, I can excuse it. Overall, every aspect of this song is near flawless, especially James LaBrie's singing, which has received excessive amounts of criticism. For those who haven't listened to this song yet, just do it. Don't let the length deter you from experiencing a masterpiece.
  • A very strange cover EP with a new song

    By sublime 101
    I like cover albums. this is unique one, though. It is also A great one.
  • A Change Of Seasons - Dream Theater!!!!!!!

    By Tom22763
    Let me start by saying that this band is one of the best bands I have ever heard in progressive rock.... Each member is gifted beyond words! As for this cd it starts off with a 23:00 minute slab of unbelievable rock... any fan must hear it to believe it.... as for the rest of the cd Dream Theater shows just how good they are live by doing songs from other Classic Rock bands that again must be heard to be believed... GET THIS CD... if you do not you are truly missing out on some great music & a great talented band!
  • Dream Theater is f%#&ing epic.

    By Jåÿ
    A Change of Seasons is one of my favorites. Its hard to choose a favorite though. If you are looking for some fresh music thats gonna sweep you right off your rocker, then you need this album. And if you want some more that will blow your mind, I suggest Live At The Budokan, Dark Clouds with Silver Linings (special edition, its worth it...TRUST me), and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence. You will not be the least bit dissatisfied with these. True story.
  • The truth behind A Change of Seasons.

    By The Crouton1
    In the Section Carpe Dieme It says in the background "do you love her" "she was killed" ect. This is a connection to Portnoy's past life. in high school he was taking a class where they were learning about carpe dieme, and to seize the day and respect your parents and family because life is short. that day he returned home to his mom who was going to leave on a buissiness trip. He was in a fight with her recently and he wanted to make up with her before she was gone. he appologized and she left. that night his mother died in a plane crash , and if he didn't make up with her she would have died with the saddness in her heart that her own son hated her. That is where "do you love her" "she was killed" orriginated. 5 stars. lol love the cover.
  • Don't like the covers

    By ShadowRoy888
    I don't like the covers, but the song A Change of Seasons is my all time favorite song. It has an epic acoustic part, insane drum part, an mad awesome keyboard part. The guitar part is pretty awesome, too, but it could've had a bigger part in it.
  • Love it

    By NappyDynamite
    I'm not big on any particular genre, but this album just Rips. The long winded airy syntho music isn't quite my thing, but listening to them play Perfect Strangers and the medleys, just amazing. I've never heard anybody sing as well and the other musicians Rock. I love this album....trying to find out which other DT album comes closest.
  • Great song! Only good song.

    By Music Phanactical
    I don't know what the cheezy covers r their for, but a change of seasons is a great epic. I'm not so sure about the plot though, all i can scrape together is that a kid is born and as his life goes on his mom dies, so he goes to an orphanage and then at the end it's about 50 years later and the main character dies, and the kid he's with is destined to begin his life. here's what i'll write: The crimson sunrise 5/5 Great epic opener. Instrumental of course. The weird part is that it samples from erotomania's main riff. Innocence 3/5 eh weakest poin in the song. carpe diem 4/5 ooooooo.... this is good and dark. The darkest of winters 4/5 ironically this is not so dark but it's a great 2nd instrumental. Another world 6/5 I Luv this part, it may be the best part. The Inevitable summer 5/5 Great 3rd instrumental, with a slow beginning that evolves getting greater as in goes. The Crimson Sunset 6/5 this may also be the best part. It opens like a queen song and is a perfect ending. In reality it's both Awake and falling into infinity, besides the fact it was made in the middle of those albums, it's musically dark like awake and yet brighter like falling into infinity My recommendation is that u buy the album and delete the covers.

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