Prom Queen

Lil Wayne

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2009-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:38

Music Video



    By WEP WEP
  • Best

    By Ivanrod23
    One of lil Wayne's best songs ever the story in the song really show how things are in life
  • OMGG!!

    By SaraBidinost
    i love lil wayne but this song is completely terrible!!!
  • Huh

    By l'impressionnant
    Why did this come up when I searched queen
  • Amazing

    By Nasmeek
    That look like it could be true and I like true things
  • Wow

    By Brian !!
    Cooooool!!! That was awsome
  • Stop

    By So cute and talented
    Wow you guys should hand the world to him. Except for his drugs and alcohol and things like that. I love him and his music. My favorite songs by him is lollipop on the carter3 and prom queen on rebirth and John on carter 4 mr carter on tha carter 3 I love them there really good and I love those I love him and he's really talented and lol this is funny but im a blonde so lol haha blonde moment I would marry him. And for the haters you guys are just jealous that you dont YMCMB or some kind of record company and your not a billionaire. Your jealous that your not talented like wayne is and y'all just need to stop saying " he needs to put the cup down" why what did he do wrong . He won 4 Grammys the year of the cup what ever he's drinking in that specific cup must be a freakin success potion . He was on 60 minutes with katie kurry was you?? No uh uh and who cares if he's drinking wine, liquor , beer or some kind of drug or something who cares? So y'all need to š
  • Wow

    By APfan 282 =P
    Those who hate on weezy have no taste in fine rap. This song is da best so haters, crawl back into your holes.
  • Mr.Carter!!

    By Nae625
    Look I read some of yah comments but yah stop hatin on weezy he is one of the best rappers their is you people sit there and complain about his voice and always vocusing on the negative things in the video WHAT ABOUT THE POSITIVE THINGS!! but I bet u can't get up there on stage and do a better job. I mean I dnt see u up on stage showin him off yah just haterz and u will always be! I love this song and ain't nuthin wrong with's a story tht can happen!! I LOVE YOU WEEZY!!
  • HOLY @#$%^& CRAP

    By osum boi

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